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Great & Cool Music

  • Brave Combo– Polka on steroids from a happy alternate universe. Fearless.
  • Bradley Thunderbird Phoenix – Sci-fi radio drama and political audio cartoons skewering those-who-need-a-good-skewering.
  • Cathy Kreger – one of the area’s best known and best loved singer-songwriters
  • Chris Rosser – A masterful singer-songwriter with intelligent, infectious material.
  • Doug (Morrow) On The Drums – Dunderhead alumnus and life-long friend. This site is a great retrospective with a lot of rare Gone Tribe tunes.
  • Die Knodel – Jubilent Scandinavian brass, percussion and woodwind twist melodies and rhythms into one big strudel.
  • Ernie Woodall – intense, complex and enigmatic music
  • Happy Rhodes– Very distinctive singer-songwriter with an amazing, truly unique voice.
  • Hank Stone – a poet and story-teller style folk stylist to be reckoned with
  • Jim Pastor – heavily whimsical, psychodelic satirical art rock.
  • John Tabacco – A brilliant singer-composer with hit record and Zappa credentials. Dunderhead alumnus. Capable of anything.
  • Mark Hussey – Intelligent, musical and memorable. Reminds me of some of my favorite British artists in its eccentricity and depth.
  • Negativland – Culture-jamming masters o’ the Universe.
  • Paul Michael Barkan – a musician’s musician, composer and arranger.
  • Premik – incredible, world-class saxophonist and multi-instrumentalist.
  • Princess Peapod – absolutely captivating music by singer-songwriter dynamic duo: Michelle Frimmer and Dave Cook
  • Rich Stein – complex and innovative composer and guitarist
  • Roy Harper– British rock/space-poet consistantly produces musically and socially provocative work.
  • Turtlehead – creative folk art songwriter.

Recording Studio

  • Lantern Sound Recording Rig – owner/engineer Mic Hargreaves has been great to work with on several recording projects. Highly recommended.

Local Musical Instruction

Kindred spirits

  • BeyondRock – highly acclaimed music programs are for all ages and ability levels.
  • Broadjam – an excellent online music sales and promotion
  • Island Songwriters Showcase – Songwriters helping songwriters for over 20 years
  • Peacesmiths – a benevolent community for peace and social justice
  • Songwriter Guild of America – National organization for songwriters with workshops, and showcases
  • ZBS Foundation – Contemporary audio drama with the swish of satin and the bite of a piranha!