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Nothing on the ol’ horizon. Taking a break by popular demand. :-D

2017 NEWS

Photo by Ken Farrell

One Guitar Uproar

One Guitar Uproar is an ongoing-benefit for Maureen’s Haven on its third year with dozens of performers. ONE NIGHT ONLY ~ TICKETS . - Birth Love Hate Death

Their fourth rock opera is epic both by its nature and in its energy. Contemporary Fusion Reviews writes, 5 Stars … This is an astounding album that’s full of surprises, both lyrically and musically"

Sold Out!

14 Fish, 2 Bottles and a Shoe sold out on CD Baby (first edition / numbered).

2016 NEWS

One Guitar More

One Guitar More is an ongoing-benefit concept now on its second year and second CD. All proceeds go to Maureen’s Haven. Check it out on BandCamp. It’s a double CD with 31 original singer songwriters. My contribution is I Woke Up Today.

Peace and Love - the GONE Tribe

The Gone Tribe is back with Peace and Love, a 14 song CD of original music. Recorded Live (in the studio). Check out The Peace and Love Project @DougOnTheDrums

Lantern Sound Recording Rig

Both the Gone Tribe and One Guitar recordings were engineered by Mic Hargreaves who is a real pro and a pleasure to work with. Check out Lantern Sound Recording Rig (Facebook)
"Writing a song is like catching a fish.
You never know what you’re going to get. "