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Songs of Dunder

Songs of Dunder has 15 songs, giving you over 40 minutes of "hey, what kind of music is this anyway? " If this doesn't appeal to you, please consider buying this CD for someone else, someone a little off. We all know people like that. We actually are people like that, but the point is: people like that are very hard to find special little gifts of the "where on earth did you find it" variety -- to which you reply with a smug look, pretending that it’s all in the course of a normal day for culturally adventurous people like yourself.

"hey, what kind of music is this anyway? "

Very few people have noticed that Songs of Dunder begins and ends in the key of ’D’, just like the word "Dunderhead". As far as we are aware, this is the first time this has ever been done. Not even Rolling Stone Magazine picked up on it. After your friend or family member has had it for a couple of months, you can say, "did you notice...", which of course is another opportunity to broadcast your formidable powers of observation.

Songs of Dunder (montage)

– A bunch of samples all mixed up…like life only catchier.
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Dream Girl

This is also big mix-up. It isn’t on the CD. This is what happens when you plug a digital input from one song into an analog output of another and play with the light dimmer.
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Mr. Blue

I’m Blue

Our most popular tune on iTunes and Rhapsody is I’m Blue! You may think it’s no big deal, but this was a seismic event over at Dunderheadquarters. We really don’t understand it. This is a seriously goofy song.

What Does Dunderhead Sound Like?

Frank Zappa or Doctor Demento
Factsheet 5 No. 57
Madness, Specials, UB40 (before they really went dancehall)
Aiding & Abetting Vol IV, No. 13
They Might Be Giants, P.D.Q. Bach.
Ogyr Network Series 4/Issue 3
A cross between David Lee Roth and Bill Murray…Men At Work meets Bobby McFerrin
Audities Journal of Insanely Great Pop, Sept/Oct 1995
Gajoob zine
It’s one thing to say your music is "tough to categorize" it’s another thing entirely to get music reviewers to prove it for you. Reviews

"the more I listened, the more I like this song. Bottom line is it’s a great listen"
"funny and comical. very original, and very different. sounds like circus music, or would be good in a movie"

How would you describe the music?

  1. "This will perk up your ears. The sense of amusement rampant throughout the disc is pretty well addicting."

    Aiding & Abetting Vol IV, No. 13
  2. "Unique. Full of radio-friendly singles. Worth checking out."

    Ogyr Network Series 4/Issue 3
  3. "Laced with humor at every turn. Eerie."

    Gajoob zine
  4. "A recording that warrents repeat listenings."

    Factsheet 5 No. 57
  5. "Unique. Quick and well-produced."

    Good Times
  6. "Sublimely creative and incredibly catchy. Everything had a beautiful patina of intelligent understatement."

    Ned Dexter
  7. "(Songs of Dunder) is a run away frieght train of inventive, humorous and unexpected delights with a youthful playfulness and at times, oddly classical and clever."

    Laurie Gray