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the Hold Outs

1987 - ?


After Tooly Look, Don Bracken and I wanted to record more music together. We began by recording five songs and releasing them on a cassette titled "She Loves". I think 100 copies were made with hand-stamped labels and insert.


After SHE LOVES was ignored by the press, Don and I wanted to redeem ourselves (at least amongst our friends). He kept writing these great songs and we scraped the money together to record a few more songs. We started, but we didn’t finish for various reasons.


Except for Don’s awesome singing and Peter Winkler’s piano playing, which is beautiful, I think these tracks were a little sterile. Maybe the tempo was too slow or the performances were too isolated musically. Sometimes when you record everything a track at a time, they lose the interplay or dialog. Peter Winkler, music professor at SUNY Stony Brook, did a beautiful job with the piano and the recordings are much better than She Loves.

Be With You and Time were recorded in midtown Manhatten at a studio with a grand piano. These demos were mixed at Sabre Studios with Alan Varella.

All of this remains unfinished business. Who knows if we will ever come back to it, but the idea still appeals. I love Don’s songs and we’re still great friends.

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Be With You

©1983 Don Bracken
I think Tooly Look recorded this at Starr Recording Studios (PA). I’ll have to look that up. It’s a multitrack demo. It needs a solo. Note the big gaping space in the middle. I think we recorded this on 16-track/1 inch, but I am not 100 percent sure.
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©1990 Don Bracken
Here is other song from the same session. It, too, needs a solo. We recorded these circa 1991. I love the song. Maybe someday it will have a solo, or we’ll re-record it.
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