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Where am I going with this music? I have no idea, except that I intend to write and record more of it. It’s the only way (for me) to find out what happens next.


14 Fish, 2 Bottles and a Shoe

My second CD of (14) songs, and three (3) instrumentals, from joyful pop, ballads, jazz and reggae-influenced material.

Guitar and voice, it is the quintessential example of FROJ (folk-reggae-opera-jazz). It sounds better than it sounds.

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Songs of Dunder

My first CD is a collection of 15 songs written to convey a range of moods and strange ideas. People have told me that the music "got stuck in the head and made them think." I took it as a compliment.

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Various other stuff

Georgie Boy (2004)

Georgie Boy Go Home, George! Your mama’s calling. As Mark Twain once said, "Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."

This song is copylefted and in the public domain. The recording is temporarily unavailable.


the Hold Outs (1987)

The Hold Outs is part of my musical partnership with Don Bracken. click here

Tooly Look (1981-1983)

The Tooly Look was my band with Don Bracken, Dave Cook and Doug Morror. Click here for the official Tooly Look page

Vinny’s Song – the Blue Unknown (1975)

Here be the only known recording of my first high school rock band, the Blue Unknown. It was originally recorded on 8-track at either a Christmas party or New Years Eve party. It has been meticulously preserved and restored by our fabulous bassist, Ned Dexter. The song, written by our lead singer/rhythm guitarist, Vinny Menton, was our only original, and was thus named, Vinny’s Song. The "song" has no vocals, but more than makes up for it with … guitar, bass and drum solos! :-) The line-up includes yours truly on lead guitar, and the utterly phenomenal Anthony Barbarotta on drums.

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